Nature, nurture and the choices that we make are important elements to consider, especially where there are areas that are blocking you from reaching your full potential.

As a certified master coach, by working on each issue from a holistic and multi-angled approach, you will be able to look at problems or blocks in a different way and overcome it.

My vision is to re-open a new understanding of how you see your life, so that new knowledge will bloom like spring flowers and enrich your journey.

Here are the areas I can support you with:


  • Understanding who you truly are and what your full potential is
  • Being in full alignment with yourself and your life purpose
  • Removing major blocks that are preventing you from fully expressing yourself
  • Being able to acknowledge and recognize you for the gift you are in this world and how to use your gifts

Breakthroughs & Advancement

  • If you feel that you’ve reached a plateau when it comes to getting results for your life and you’re looking to get over the hump
  • Creating habits that stick and pays dividends for years to come
  • Find out how to do what you love and love what you do in your career
  • ‘Wealth Map’ strategies on mastering wealth creation
  • How to find enjoyment and enthusiasm for your career

Interpersonal interactions

  • Mastering interpersonal relationships in an interdependent society is the key to happiness with others
  • Learning to handle conflict and prevent them before it happens

Life purpose discovery

  • Connect with your mission and purpose for your life
  • Express yourself authentically and accept yourself for who you truly are

What People Are Saying?

Coaching by Yuenn is truly phenomenal. I’ve been to therapists for 20 years and nothing matches a single session with Yuenn.

The power of the coaching sessions with her has helped me through some very dark times and showed me the process of recognizing what had been holding me back in my life for so long and what my real personality type truly is.

She has shown me, through her coaching, how I can better handle hindrances in my own life and how to deal with others and love myself in a much better way.

This program is filled with hope and it brought a much needed smile to my face during my most difficult times.

Yuenn has given me invaluable tools and a direction to understand myself and get on the path to be the best person I can be. I would not hesitate to recommend this to all my friends and to anyone who wants to better their life.

— Terisa S. Buckner, USA

Before I started my coaching session, my life was in an utter mess. I was so disorganized that I could barely control my emotions, let alone take charge of my life. I didn’t realize it at that time, but I was in a relationship with a deadbeat guy and I thought he was my whole world. I even threatened my family that I would commit suicide if they wouldn’t approve of him because my self esteem was non-existent. But after a few coaching sessions, everything changed. I started becoming aware of my strengths and weaknesses in a way that I had never seen myself before. All the breakdowns I had gone through in the past didn’t seem so pointless anymore as I was able to track back and find the underlying reasons why my life wasn’t working. Not only was I able to organize every area of my life and track my behaviors better, I also started taking action in a way that I had never been before . That’s not all – I even had the courage to dump my deadbeat boyfriend and it’s almost like coming back from the dead! Now I feel that I have all the tools i need to handle any situation to the best of my ability.

I am fully confident that I can live life to my greatest potential!

— Lynn Wong, Singapore

I am deeply enthusiastic about any form of research into human personality and the human psyche. But after Yuenn introduced me the power of her coaching method, it has helped me to understand myself on a much, much deeper level.

She helps me to understand why and what action I take in life towards every situation. Yuenn’s  coaching has helped me through 2 of my failed relationships and I can see clearly why it has happened and how to grow from it.

That’s not all, it has also helped me to recognize why my previous partners are not suitable for me and not to blame myself after I’ve done my best. But most important of all, her coaching gave me the strength I needed to recover from my broken relationship as quickly as possible, without dwelling in the pain and to recover with vigor and strength.

I’m so happy to be a part of Yuenn’s coaching program and I’m confident I’ll into a more fruitful relationship with myself and my next life partner!

— Peiling Lee, Malaysia

Yuenn helped me see the person that I am inside – and after a few days all that she taught me has helped me grow – I now know who I am and when I see something about the way I am I see it as a way to help me show the person that I am inside – and not to worry about those outside people/voices or my kid voice – when they start trying to push at me I go inside and see who I really am and I am happy again!!

— Pam Karlen, USA

Yuenn  has helped me in the last 3 years to get me to the next level of my personal development. I was labelled as broken when I first met Yuenn by others. Skeptical at first with Yuenn’s  analysis as I thought I knew myself the best, but realize I only knew so little.

Each time I spent with her, my confidence grew and my direction in life became clearer. To be able to accept and understand myself was a huge break, but to realize my biggest fear and to be able to conquer it, that was life changing.

Yuenn is very supportive. She wouldn’t tell you things that you would like to hear but what you must hear. The way she string words together is remarkable with the energy behind it, you couldn’t help but to feel inspired.

Anyone has the ability to be a teacher, but what makes Yuenn so special is her ability to connect and sympathise with you on a personal level and that is not something easily to come by in any teacher.

Without Yuenn my life wouldn’t be what it is today, the ability to create possibilities for the future.

— Nigel Huang, Australia

Yuenn is a fantastic career coach. Not only have she helped me to find what I am best at, I was able to make a living by doing what I’m loving every single day.

She even helped me to have the courage to leave behind what wasn’t serving me. I’ve learned things about myself that I didn’t know we’re deep down inside.

I was stuck in a dead end job with an abusive boss slaving away 12 hours a day feeling like a walking corpse.

Everything started to change since I met Yuenn. She helped me to find more in me than I could ever do on my own. Her coaching is more than just coaching – it is a self-realization and an awakening.

Today, I’ve left my old life behind and I’m making money with what I’m passionate about. I couldn’t thank her enough!

— Kenneth Lim, Malaysia

I want to do whatever it takes now to get clarity about the inner blue print. Always with love. 

– Kim J., United Kingdom

If you are looking for transformational coaching that will give you lasting change, then you have come to the right place.

“Gone are the days of living life as an unbalanced, fragmented human being. You are meant to excel in every area of your life as body, mind, spirit and soul are inseparable and necessary for congruent holistic advancement in life.” – Yuenn Ng

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